Mute Marmalade. | London-based music management
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London-based music management


At Mute Marmalade we advise, support and fight for our clients.

When Mute Marmalade looks for clients, we look for people who are willing to fully commit themselves to developing their craft. We look for people who have a vision for their career and life and who have the necessary drive and determination to overcome any setbacks that may befall them in the pursuit of their goals.

Mute Marmalade is not interested in working with people who don’t subscribe to that mindset.

How we work

The early stages of any artist’s career is a calculated risk. There is no certainty of outcome. There can be hope and there can be belief but there can be no certainty. Every gig, every rehearsal and every pound therefore spent by an artist to further their career is done without the safety net of knowing what’s next.

At Mute Marmalade we recognise this leap of faith and it is why we are correspondingly happy to help develop an artist without requiring them to enter into any financial guarantees or legal undertakings.

That’s our leap of faith because we want to establish long lasting relationships with artists who trust us to develop their careers.


If you feel you would be a good fit for Mute Marmalade, contact us.

Send us recent examples of your work (links only / no attachments) and any of your active social media profiles.

You can email us at: